Angel Reese ‘always the victim’ says Jason Whitlock after her response to Caitlin Clark following Sunday’s tense showdown

After Angel Reese’s comments on Sunday regarding her loss to Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever, Jason Whitlock said that she is delusional and has a victim mentality. Advertering After Indiana beat Chicago 91-83 in a rematch of their June 1 match, which the Fever won 71-70, Reese would go down 0-2 against her college rival in the WNBA. Postgame, the former LSU legende claimed that the officiating was working against the Sky and that referees should have a “special whistle” that favors the opposition. Wat interessant is, is nie die ‘special whistle nie.Whitlock commented on Reese’s remarks. No matter what you guys try to do, we’re not going to be denied.’ She believes that the media are opposing her. Delusioneel ‘Altyd ‘n slagoffer,’ het hy gesê




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