Breaking news as Premier League-spanne stem saam om die gebruik van Video Assistant Referee (VAR) tegnologie by today se Annual General Meeting te behou. the petition to remove VAR, which was



The East Anglian Daily Times (UK) Ipswich Town FC: Premier League clubs vote to keep VAR 15 minute ago By Alex Jones, ‘n voetbalskrywer, @alexnljones No Comments: Ipswich Town was one of the 19 Premier League teams who voted to keep VAR (Image: PA). At today’s Annual General Meeting, Premier League clubs have voted to keep the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology. Wolves het ‘n motion to abolish VAR ingedien, en 19 van die 20 spanne, insluitend Ipswich Town, stem against dit. The Blues was bevestig as ‘n Premier League-klub this afternoon, joining Leicester City and Southampton, who were



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