BREAKING NEWS; Even as sectarian March revelations emerge, Operation Kick The Celtic Fans continues.

If you’ve recently visited the Herald website, you’ve likely seen a series of pieces titled “Policing The Parties.” Obviously, this is about us.


The papers are just rehashes of the same trite rubbish. The clubs need to do more. The council should cooperate with them. The police have a difficult task on their hands.


The only original things in that series of reports are John Mason trying to backtrack slightly on the absolute rubbish he talked after Celtic’s title celebrations – which he very obviously took part in before jumping on the bandwagon trashing them – and a story about how “tourists” were so worried by what they witnessed that they don’t intend to come back to Glasgow if there is a game on.


That tale was very humorous to me. A single visitor from Paris reported feeling scared while trying to have a dinner at a Merchant City Japanese restaurant.


We have no way of knowing if this guy even existed because this is a second-hand anecdote – but that didn’t stop The Herald from dedicating an entire article to his “terrifying” story, which also includes the suggestion that a single afternoon of partying by our fans had a “devastating impact” on the area and its businesses.





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