BREAKING NEWS: Jose Cordoba to Rangers medical “set” as Levski Sofia star faces transfer rush to keep hectic summer schedule

A report states that Jose Cordoba is scheduled to undergo his Rangers medical on Monday or Tuesday. The Rangers seemed to have a

battle with Norwich City for the Panamanian defenceman. However, these claims are far from accurate, and the player who plays for Levski Sofia will receive a one-time prescription from club doctors within the next 48 hours. volgens die Bulgaarse outlet Top Sport. They insist that the deal must be completed soon before Cordoba flies to Spain to join the Panama squad for their pre-Copa America training camp.As Philippe Clement verbeter sy agterlynopsies, is Bulgare bronne van mening dat Levski beplan om ongeveer £2 miljoen vir die 22-jarige te bank. Depending on whether the player and club meet certain requirements, additional £1.2m



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