BREAKING: Leicester City could recruit eight managers as Enzo Maresca is close to joining Chelsea.

With Enzo Maresca set to join Chelsea, Leicester City will be considering their next move.


They will not be starting from scratch. They have previously had lists of supervisors they admire and would consider approaching if their current boss left. So they’ll be partially prepared for Maresca’s arrival at Stamford Bridge.


They will not be beginning from scratch. They have previously kept a list of supervisors they admire and could approach if their current boss left. As a result, they will be at least partially prepared for Maresca’s visit to Stamford Bridge.


We’ve compiled a list of managers the team could turn to. Please let us know in the comments section who your preferred candidate is….


Potter has long been a darling behind the scenes at City, dating back to when the club believed they were on the verge of losing Brendan Rodgers. He turned down City’s offer immediately after being fired by Chelsea, but after a year away from football, he may be interested in returning. The type of play he brought to Brighton boosted his reputation and would mesh in well with how City has been playing under Maresca, so there would be few teething problems if Potter joined.





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