Ben Sheaf, midfielder, was in the filming of Phoenix Rise at the Coventry Building Society Arena in Longford, where I recently received an invitation from the star of Coventry City FC to appear on the popular BBC show.

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ion to deliver content in accordance with your consent and to broaden our understanding of you. As ons weet hoe jy weet, kan ons adverteer. Meer inligting: ‘n baie gewilde speler van Coventry City FC het sy trainingskoene verruil vir scripts toe hy sy televisiedebuut maak op die bekroonde Phoenix Rise. Ben Sheaf, a midfielder, will make an appearance in the most recent series of the popular show, which recently debuted on BBC iPlayer. Sheaf, who joined the Sky Blues in 2021, will be on the sixth episode of the new series with Jayden Hanley, who plays Darcy. In the Coventry Building Society Arena, he will have the opportunity to train with Sheaf.



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