BREAKING NEWS: As 777 Partners’ uncertainty remains, John Textor sets a timetable for the Everton takeover.

The American disclosed earlier this week that he had discussed the prospect of buying out Farhad Moshiri at Goodison Park.


777 Partners has exclusivity until the end of the month, but Textor has yet to sell his 45% investment in Crystal Palace.


Textor told The Athletic [26 May] that any arrangement would be for “summer 2024,” implying a deadline of roughly mid-September.


Textor added, “I believe the issue with Everton is that it will not be available by the time we are ready for it.


“We’re not going to rush the situation at Palace, no matter how good another opportunity looks.”


The news that Textor was interested in purchasing Everton came as a surprise, but it was quite welcome.


Anyone would be preferable than 777 Partners, as we have known for some months, and Textor has Premier League expertise.


As it stands, 777 has less than a week to secure Premier League clearance before their exclusivity period expires.


It’s unclear what that signifies. Moshiri is clearly determined to sell to the American investment fund.


The main issue with Textor is that it is unclear when he will be able to undertake a takeover offer.


Even if it happens before September, we’ve seen how long it can take.


Everton desperately needs a new owner, and time is not on their favor right now. If nothing else, this demonstrates that there are some interested parties out there.





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