Farhad Moshiri provides an Everton takeover update following the ‘disgraceful’ ruling.

According to Report, Moshiri informed them after waiting several weeks for the meeting to take place, with the owner apologizing for the delay and lack of communication with the fans regarding the ongoing takeover.


He also claimed that he has received “unsolicited approaches from other parties” but has been unable to interact with any of them while the Share Purchase Agreement with 777 Partners is in effect, which is valid until May 31.


The Esk responded to the announcement via X on Thursday (23 May), writing: “Well, the master of kicking the can down the road does it again. Again, appalling disregard for the club and its fans.


“The memo reiterates two key themes. (i) 777 will not be completed by the end of May, nor after. (ii) Alternatives are in the works.”


Moshiri, who was already a divisive figure at Goodison Park, has become even more so as the Toffees’ future hangs in the balance.


As 777 Partners’ buyout continues to stall and Moshiri appears unable to pursue other partners, a fire sale and administration have already been suggested as possible outcomes.


The ardent Evertonians simply want to know that their team is protected as they enter the summer transfer season, which is expected to be quiet in terms of player signings if the uncertainty persists.


The Esk’s opinion is absolutely true, since the owner continues to travel in circles and repeat the same things, particularly when it comes to doing better for the supporters.


There has been almost no communication between the owner and the supporters, with the bulk of fans guessing their fate based on reports. It is simply not good enough.


In unrelated Everton news, the club is in danger of going bankrupt as 777 Partners faces further legal challenges.






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