BREAKING: The Jefte deal has been completed, and Four Lads discuss the next step for the upcoming Rangers signing.



Rangers het hul eerste summerkontrak gekry voor die einde van die season, soos Four Lads Had A Dream op sosiale media gesê het. Die Jefte-kontrak is reeds voltooi by Ibrox. The channel posted on X on May 24 to announce that Jefte had completed a medical examination on Thursday and that the official unveiling is now the only thing that remains

The 20-year-old Brazilian is destined to become the most awaited signing in an eagerly anticipated transfer window. soos Jose Cordoba, ‘n mededinger, beplan om naby te volg. Four Lads’ post read: “Jefte. The player is present and has completed a medical examination yesterday [23 May]. as many sources reported a few days ago. Dit is alles gedoen ten spyte van die klub se amptelike aankondiging. eerste aankoms.






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