Breaking News; Kieran Gibbs says one Inter Miami player surprised him with what he accomplished against DC United on Saturday.

The Herons left it late to capture all three points against the Black-and-Red, allowing Inter Miami to maintain their lead in the Supporters’ Shield rankings, with the Florida team flying to Vancouver this weekend.


With Lionel Messi due to leave Inter Miami for the Copa America following next week’s match against St. Louis City SC, Tata Martino’s team will want to collect as many points as possible in their final three MLS games.


Gibbs, a former defender, has claimed to have seen something unexpected from one Inter Miami star.


Gibbs was caught aback by Leonardo Campana’s finish against DC United during an appearance on the Inter Miami Weekly Show, with the analyst surprised by how expertly the goal was executed.


After spending the most of the season on the bench, Campana’s goal was a harsh reminder of how excellent the striker can be when given the appropriate opportunities, and Gibbs was astounded by what he saw.


The former Arsenal defender remarked, “For me, it’s all about the first touch with his left foot. I’ll be honest, I had no idea he was on the correct track, because it can go anywhere when it’s on your weaker side.


“But look at this, how about the confidence to take this on the second touch, he’s a player who hasn’t played as much as he would like, but this is what the really good players do, they stay focused, they block out all of the noise, they concentrate on what they have to do, and he’s won it for the team.”


With Messi and Luis Suarez both likely to play in the Copa America, Martino will entrust Campana to lead Inter Miami’s line, an opportunity the 23-year-old striker will embrace.






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