Just In Matias Rojas: Inter Miami’s latest signing helps alleviate the strain on Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Down two goals against CF Montreal over the weekend, Inter Miami were awarded a free-kick in the 44th minute. It proved to be the turning point of the match. Despite being 35-40 yards out from goal, that set-piece was absolutely buried with a Goal of the Year-level finish, igniting a furious comeback that ended in a 3-2 Miami win.


Lionel Messi is usually the man in those situations, but he wasn’t this time. Messi, who was temporarily sidelined for treatment, could only look on as the rest of us did. Instead, Matias Rojas, the superstar’s newest colleague, was doing his best Messi impression, quickly establishing himself as a top-tier running mate for the Argentine. His transition to life in Miami has been smooth, and Rojas is now poised to become the club’s next cult icon, much like Robert Taylor before him.


Rojas’ ascension is also timed perfectly. Miami has been wrecked by injuries this season, leaving Messi and Luis Suarez to do the heavy work at a rate that is almost definitely unsustainable for two veterans, despite of their ability. If Miami could obtain something, anything, from someone else, it would make life a lot simpler for the two Barcelona icons.


Rojas is that person, and although just being a few weeks into his Inter Miami career, he has shown that he can make a significant difference for Tata Martino’s club.

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