Breaking News Sean Avery provides fired-up opinion on why Rangers ‘designed to win’ these playoffs.

Sean Avery, in his own distinct flair, spoke

about the New York Rangers and their worried supporters prior of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Second Round against the Carolina Hurricanes. In his NSFW video released on social media, the former Blueshirts forward made a reference to the 1994 Stanley Cup champion Rangers. He even had a message for Rangers forward Jack Roslovic, who does not appear to be a fan of the former NHL bad boy

Forward Jack Roslovic does not appear to be a favorite of the former NHL bad boy. In layman’s words, Avery believes that current Rangers team is one in which fans should have faith. “I’ve been bullish on this team for six years,” Avery added. “This is the team.” This is the team that is finally ready to win.” And what about the challenge that comes with losing two straight games after entering the second round with three consecutive victories? That is a net positive. “If we recall, reckon, ’94, it wasn’t a (expletive) cakewalk,” Avery added. “I’m delighted we’re getting a little (expletive) taste of humble pie, because these guys need to get through this (expletive). This is not going to be easy. But we are fine.” I’ve



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