Just like PM vows to adopt Foreign Agents Law and pledges to punish violent protesters.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze promised to pass the foreign agents law on Tuesday in its third reading, pledging to punish violent protesters in a press briefing on May 12.


Citing “sociological studies,” Kobakhidze said that over 80 percent of Georgians “support transparency of non-governmental organizations,” while over 60 percent favor the “transparency of foreign influence” law.


The Prime Minister claimed he had “precise information” that “violent youth groups organized by the radical opposition and financed from abroad are planning violent actions against the Georgian Parliament and police” in the next two days, and vowed to hold any perpetrator accountable.


“In all likelihood, [the perpetrators] can’t be pardoned by [President] Salome Zurabishvili either,” Kobakhidze warned.


The Prime Minister thanked Georgian police for handling recent protests against the foreign agents law with “higher standards” than in the U.S. or Europe, except for “a few isolated incidents.”


“The harsh forms that are normal for American and French police should not be acceptable for Georgian law enforcers,” Kobakhidze said



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