Just in: This concludes the expected news about Callum O’Hare’s exit from Coventry City. He most likely played his farewell game for the team.

Regretfully, the former Aston Villa academy graduate’s missed penalty against Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final will be among his most memorable moments wearing a Sky Blues shirt, but that shouldn’t be his only lasting memory.


It was a delight to watch his return from a horrific knee injury he sustained in December 2022, helping the club mount a league comeback and climb the standings in order to get to Wembley.


It seems like everyone in and around the club accepts that O’Hare’s time in Coventry is over, but there isn’t any animosity or resentment, which shows how much the club and its supporters value O’Hare and, one would assume, vice versa.


The 26-year-old wouldn’t have drawn this much attention from the elite league without City.


Speaking of which, Football League World has compiled the most recent information on O’Hare and his upcoming activities as his formal exit draws closer.


Football Insider claims that they are interested in both him and Hull City defender Jacob Greaves and that they want to close their deal as soon as the summer window opens.


The East London team has been interested in the Championship pair since April, according to a report by The Guardian. Now that the Hammers are getting closer to the Premier League season’s conclusion, it appears that this desire has grown.


Following the confirmation that David Moyes will depart West Ham when his contract expires at the end of the current campaign, similar to O’Hare at Coventry, the team is getting ready for life without him.


His old team Aston Villa, Fulham, Leicester City, Celtic, Rangers, and unidentified Spanish teams are among the other teams that seem to have developed a fondness for him.







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