Mission completed, but Leicester City still sorely need changes at the top.

Mission. Complete,” tweeted Kiernan

Dewsbury-Hall following last Saturday’s trophy celebrations at a gloriously sunny King Power Stadium, and, when focusing solely on the football, it’s impossible to disagree

Since 1996, only 27% of demoted clubs have returned to the Premier League, and let’s not forget that ours wasn’t your typical relegation. It was an unexpected fall from a considerable height. The bigger the fall, the harder the landing, but we landed.

Despite a high turnover of players, new management, and a different style of play, the club struck the ground running and completed a challenging task. It wasn’t always easy or exciting, but a 97-point total, a promotion, and a Championship trophy indicate that the task was successfully completed.

However, as the confetti falls and Voulez-Vous slips back down our streaming algorithms, a sensation of dullness takes hold, and worried thoughts about next season take

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