I went on Coventry’s pre-season booze-up, and it became so filthy that we all ended ourselves in prison cells.

Former Coventry star Stephen Warnock has revealed that a pre-season drinking session ended with him and his team-mates in a prison cell.

The 42-year-old, who also had stints at Liverpool, Aston Villa and Leeds, was on loan at the Sky Blues during the 2003/04 season. Manager Gary McAllister had put the players through a rigorous training regime over the summer but allowed them to let off steam with an end-of-tour squad night out.

Warnock shared the story on the Undr The Cosh podcast, explaining how the night of revelry descended into chaos after the players were refused entry to a nightclub. “We were on tour [in Germany], and we’d had a tough pre-season so [McAllister] said we needed to have a bit of team bonding,” the former full back recalled.



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