ATLANTA FAMILY LAW. Your family is the most important. For many.


Finding yourself in a familial situation that need the assistance of an attorney is not only confusing, but also extremely emotional and stressful. Throughout this process, you require the representation and support of an attorney who can assist you in clearly understanding the legalities of your case, an attorney who will fight for you to successfully resolve your case, and an attorney who understands and respects that you are going through one of the most difficult times of your life.

Paola Torselli is that attorney. Paola will give

You will receive her honest assessment on your issue, and she will strive in your best interests to resolve it successfully. She recognizes that not every issue requires a battle, especially when youngsters are involved. Paola also recognizes that it is not always possible to resolve a situation through mutual agreement. In this situation, if it becomes essential to litigate your case, you will need a lawyer like Paola who is prepared and experienced in defending your interests and well-being.

Paola will work with compassion and clarity. Her experience includes Divorce, Legitimation/Paternity, Child Support, Family Law Modifications, Custody, Parenting Plan and Protective Orders



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