A shattered ankle with significant ligament damage? Never good news for a player. But it says everything about Josh Campbell’s misery and concern as he was transferred from the Easter Road pitch to the dressing room and ultimately to the hospital that such a harsh diagnosis came as a relief.

The Hibs midfielder, who had witnessed Chris Cadden’s Achilles’ tendon rupture, which kept the fullback out of play for nine months, feared the worst when he hit the turf in the December 27 home loss to Hibs. He was clearly upset after an unintentional collision with teammate Dylan Levitt

“I knew right away that something was wrong,” Campbell explained. “After seeing what happened to Cadds last year, I assumed it was my Achilles because I couldn’t do the test while bending my foot. When I couldn’t do something, I thought, ‘Oh, na, na, na…’

“Fortunately, I discovered that it was merely a fractured ankle and ligament damage in both my ankle and knee. Everything gave way, creating a pop-pop-pop effect





By Fafa T

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