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Nurses ask the government to declare a nursing crisis, since a shortage of rest is causing illness and even death at FNA Maternity Hospital. Urgent action is needed.
By Vijay Narayan Thursday, April 25, 2024

Fiji Nursing Association President, Doctor Adi Alisi Vudiniabola
With a mass exodus of nurses, a nurse shortage, nurses becoming ill and even dying as a result of a lack of rest, which is being blamed on 12-hour shifts, a lack of proper equipment and facilities, and a lack of supplies to properly care for patients, Fiji Nursing Association President, Doctor Adi Alisi Vudiniabola, says it is time for the government to admit that Fiji is experiencing a nursing crisis.

While speaking on FijiVillage, Straight Talk With

Doctor Adi Alisi also expressed concern over everything at the CWM’s maternity hospital.


She claims a portion of the ceiling nearly fell on a mother and her baby, and in emergency situations, nurses and security officers were taking moms down the stairs since the lift was not working.


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According to fijivillage News, the CWM’s Children’s Hospital has a nurse-patient ratio of around one nurse for every twelve patients, with some having one nurse for every fifteen. According to Doctor Adi Alisi, this is risky, and nursing care is severely affected



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