There was one huge moment of controversy during Newcastle United Under-21’s 2-0 defeat against Leeds United on Friday Night

Really poor' - Newcastle United coach slams major referee decision v Leeds United Under-21's

Ben Dawson has criticized the decision to give the Leeds United Under-21 team a penalty during their Friday night 2-0 loss at Whitley Park. Referee James Oldham’s penalty kick to the visitors midway through the second half turned the match around after a close first half finished goalless.


A lengthy free kick was sent into the area and then fell behind Aidan Harris’ goal without causing any damage. But after this apparently innocent encounter, there was a minute or so of confusion and mayhem.

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Despite many attempts by Leeds players to flag for a handball, the referees seemed unimpressed and Oldham first gestured for a corner before his deputy signaled for a goal kick. To the confusion of the Newcastle United players, staff, and most of the 201 spectators at Whitley Park, the referee then consulted his assistant before making a change in his mind and pointing to the spot.


After the game, Dawson spoke with the Gazette about how frustrated he was with the decision and how he intended to get an explanation from the referees as soon as possible. “We’re still trying to understand,” Dawson remarked. I believe I have around eleven minutes left before I’m permitted to enter [the referee’s chamber] to see if they can defend their choice. The referee awarded a corner; in fact, they exchanged glances before each gave a signal, one for a corner and one for a goal kick.

After a few moments, they walk away satisfied with the outcome, and then the referee declares, “I’m not happy with this,” all of a sudden. If it has struck someone’s arm and they have somehow determined that it is a penalty, then in my opinion they have no idea whose arm it has struck.


“The decision that is made has changed the game,” he went on. It is really subpar. The guys ought to get better.

“It was a competitive and enjoyable football match.” However, that one choice altered the course of the game and ruined it for our boys.




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