Football transfer site tracker for Louisville: RB Peny Boone is one of the players departing the Cards

Moves are already being made in Louisville football since the transfer portal opened on April 16. Three players are reportedly leaving the Cardinals as spring workouts draw to a close: offensive lineman Reuben Unije, defensive lineman Jermayne Lole, and running back Peny Boone.

The Cardinals will use the gateway to add players even though they will probably lose more players. Due to injuries, U of L coach Jeff Brohm stated last week that the team lacks depth at wide receiver. During each open transfer portal period, the offensive linemen have been selected by the second-year Cardinals coach as many as possible.

The spring game between Louisville and L&N Stadium is set for this Friday.

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After three months at Louisville, the Houston transfer has decided to reenter the transfer portal, reported on April 14. He came to U of L after spending the last four years as a Cougar and was teammates with offensive lineman Lance Robinson before Robinson transferred to Louisville last year. Reuben Unije was an 11-game starter last year, played the sixth-most offensive snaps on the team.

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