A first-look photo gallery of every combination of the Detroit Lions’ new uniform sets.



The Detroit Lions unveiled their whole uniform set on Thursday night at Ford Field in front of a gathering of media and season ticket holders, following the unintentional leak of their new jerseys earlier in the day.

The biggest change to Detroit’s uniforms was the return of the black uniforms, even if the remainder of the modifications were little ones (such as the addition of a few stripes and a more substantial alteration to the jersey typeface). The team’s blue-chrome alternative helmet, which has some new modifications, is worn over the black jerseys that were unveiled earlier in the day. Detroit also unveiled a pair of black trousers to go with the outfit.

Team insiders said that one of the most sought improvements was the adoption of black clothes. After a 2003 unveiling, Detroit had black jerseys; however, with the announcement of their 2017 uniforms, the team eliminated them from the lineup following one of the worst seasons of Lions football under former general manager Matt Millen.

The primary distinction between the previous black uniforms and the current ones is the thinner, less striking grey line that surrounds the numbers instead of the broad white lining. Also, it goes without saying that the new black uniforms will go better with black trousers than they did with the uncomfortable contrast of grey trousers in the past.


Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions - November 24, 2005


With the perforated jerseys and the block-style text, the remainder of the uniform reveal appeared to be a throwback. Additionally, the highly-liked custom of the Lions wearing throwback jerseys is still in use and mostly unaltered. The Lions also included a blue facemask.

Check out every picture we took during the formal uniform reveal on Thursday night.


Home uniforms



Away uniforms


Alternate uniforms




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