Aston Villa Unai Emery snubbed as coach after Lille UEFA EUROPA CONFERENCE LEAGUE match.

Lille 2 Aston Villa 1 (3-3 agg, 3-4 on penalties): Emery's side reach semi-finals despite late red card controversy | The Irish Sun

Nevertheless, he demonstrated that the extra focus was ineffective in diverting his attention as he increased his antics in front of an enraged home crowd. Martinez, who was already on a yellow card for wasting time during the game, made fun of fans after stopping a penalty kick by Nabil Bentaleb.


After receiving a second yellow card, confusion followed as he continued to play goal throughout the next penalties. Later on, it was made clear that he did not earn a red card since yellow cards are reset for a penalty shootout.


“Warnings and cautions (YCs) issued during the match (including during extra time) are not carried forward into kicks from the penalty mark (KFPM),” states IFAB law 10 (determining the outcome of a match). A player is not dismissed if they obtain a yellow card during the KFPM as well as the game.”

Martinez then made the most of his second opportunity to save another penalty kick from Lille and send Villa into their first European semifinal since 1982. Martinez will not participate in the first leg at Villa Park on May 2, when they will play Olympiacos for a position in the final in Athens.

Villa has stated that although there was no red card for the second yellow, there was an automatic one-match punishment following three yellows across two legs. As a result, Robin Olsen will substitute for the semi-final game at Villa Park.

Martinez blasted the referee after the game. “I just have a bad reputation for wasting time,” he stated. While the other goaltender was acting in the same manner, we were losing the game after thirty minutes, therefore I was booked. I’m not sure what the referee is asking of me.”

“I asked the ball-boy for a ball because there wasn’t one on the penalty spot during the shootout, and I was booked as a result. I just don’t know what the regulations are.”


Unai Emery, the manager of Villa, praised his goalie nevertheless. “He is very important for us,” he stated. Since he is a leader, his demeanour in the locker room is crucial. He has a very astute mindset.”


On May 2, Villa will play Olympiacos. The following week, the team will travel back to Greece. If they advance, they will take on the victor of Club Brugge vs Fiorentina in the second semi-final.




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