Sunderland Women host Charlton Athletic Women at Eppleton on Sunday afternoon in their final home game of the season, with both teams competing for the Barclays Championship title.



Mel Reay addressed the media before of the big game…




Regarding the atmosphere within the camp…



“The team is in high spirits, and we are excited to play the game on Sunday. We watched the results come in last week, and the image remains consistent, so we know what we need to do.




“People expect us to win two games, and we understand that we’ve put ourselves in that position, and we enjoy the feeling.




“This is where we want to be; all we have to do is

I believe it is critical; the atmosphere at Eppleton has been wonderful in recent weeks, and we know how much these London teams dislike travelling north.


“We need a loud atmosphere, and we need all of the Sunderland fans to pack the stadium and cheer for the team.


“We play well in front of a big crowd and the players want to put on a good show so hopefully they can get right behind them.”


Regarding Grace McCatty’s retirement…


“I recall receiving a phone call from Grace, who wanted to come here because she believed in the concept.


“The aim was to return to the Super League, and six years later, we’re on the verge of accomplishing so.



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