Attending the spring football game for Louisville? Watch out for these athletes.

Until Louisville takes the field for the Spring football game at L&N Stadium, spring has not yet arrived.

Friday will mark the first time that fans will get to see Jeff Brohm and company’s 2024–2025 Cardinals team. I want to provide you a cheat sheet so you know what to look for when the Cards take the field because of the amount of transfers on the roster from the previous season and the number of new players coming in for the upcoming one.


The position that catches the most eyes just so happens to be the most important. With Louisville’s top three quarterbacks from last season’s depth chart graduating, there will be a new face at the flashiest spot.

Texas Tech transfer Tyler Shough (pronounced shuck) is widely expected to be the day-one starter for the Cards. Shough, 24, will be in his seventh year of college football, so he comes in with a far greater football IQ than most seniors. Shough is also a physically gifted quarterback in nearly every way. After committing to Louisville, Shough’s former head coach at Texas Tech, Joey McGuire, said the Cards were getting a future pro. On Apr 6, McGuire stuck by his adoration of Shough by officiating his wedding.

Look to see how Shough does in the offense if he looks comfortable, and if he seems to be on the same page with his skill players.

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