Things will look different in Cincinnati for the 2024 season.

By Angelica Navarrete

Predictions for the Chiefs’ record are premature. The Cincinnati Bengals made two wise offseason moves and one not so wise.
Things will be different in Cincinnati for the 2024 season.

By Angelica Navarrete | 8:00 AM EDT.

Minnesota Vikings vs Cincinnati Bengals.
Minnesota Vikings vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Jeff Dean/Getty Images
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This offseason has been very different for the Cincinnati Bengals. For one thing, it started significantly sooner this season than in previous years. Week 17 officially signaled the end of Cincinnati’s 2023 season, as they were eliminated from playoff contention with a 17-25 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

After missing the postseason, this offseason is vital for

Here’s a look at the Bengals’ two seemingly good offseason choices, as well as one that may not have been so clever.

Smart: Re-signing  HudsonTanner
Many were upset when Hayden Hurst left the team, and for good reason: he impressed throughout his time in Cincinnati. Tanner Hudson, on the other hand, has shown to be an adequate replacement.

Hudson’s talent continues to develop, as seen by his impressive 2023 season. Hudson concluded the 2023 season with 39 receptions, 352 yards, and one score. Hudson’s score in the third quarter broke a 14-14 tie and helped the Bengals win Week 14 over the Indianapolis Colts.

Also, in Week 15 against the Minnesota Vikings, Hudson had a vital catch on a third-and-one



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