Hugh doesn’t really believe Clements’s claim but tells Gers boss he doesn’t need to immerse himself in Old Firm madness.



The idea that you have to accept whatever a boss says for public consumption is not one I have ever adhered to.

When making a decision, it’s important to have an independent thought process in order to distinguish between right and wrong. Consider Philippe Clement, the manager of the Rangers. I will accept without reservation whatsoever derision and censure he chooses to level at me about the postponing of Wednesday night’s match against Dundee. each final word.


However, this uncritical attitude does not apply to Philippe’s wild speculations after the Old Firm match last weekend. In just six months, what have we done to him? Arriving here, Clement was a sophisticated guy, his continental glitter enhanced by many title victories in Belgium and a stint at Monaco in France. He’s now droning on about how various people’s spectacles are coloured.  Or claiming he has it on good authority that Dermot Gallagher, the on-site referee for Sky Sports, is more of a Celtic fan than an impartial observer.

Philippe Clement wants longer recovery after European games as Rangers beat Livi | beIN SPORTS

youthful On the other hand, Kenneth Miller is a proponent of the abstract. He has made an argument for adding moral wins to our game. That doesn’t exist. You can draw, lose, or win. There isn’t another morality-based category.

Isn’t it problematic enough that people in the VAR room are speculating on whether or not a goal has been scored? By the way, I won’t be offended by anything about the Old Firm game. I’m too old to practice making snap judgements.

I’m just going to sit in my rocker and ask little Kenneth a question. Had Walter Smith—a guy we both held in high regard—ever used the phrase “moral victory”? At the conclusion of a match that gave the Gers just one point this season out of a potential nine in derby games? A match that is witnessed by a stadium full of Rangers fans who have no opponents to support the opposition team? Not in my opinion.

Rangers moral victories don't exist as Philippe Clement babbling shows he's succumbed to the nonsense - Hugh Keevins

The walkabout when it’s on duty? Not an issue. Celtic also does it following a draw in a game.





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