The Braves will need to figure out how to add to their squad to make up for the massive hole left by Spencer Strider yes, it did indeed occur. The darkest worries of every Georgian fan have been realized. After setting a new franchise mark with 276 strikeouts this season, Atlanta Braves ace pitcher Spencer Strider underwent season-ending Tommy John surgery on Saturday. From from point forward, the Braves will be without their most potent arm as they attempt to make amends for last season’s disappointing postseason run.


Given the high expectations for both the Braves as a team (with second-best World Series odds in most places) and Strider personally (as the clear favorite to win the Cy Young award heading into the season), it is evident that Strider and all of his teammates are suffering severe emotional setbacks. However, it’s never a good idea to write off a superstar-laden squad because one important piece of the puzzle isn’t working well.


So with Strider not anchoring the pitching staff, how worried should the Braves be about trying to climb the mountain in the National League this season? To help ease some of the load on the current squad, who will need to step up and what could the Braves front office need to do? Let’s examine the intricacies of the ATL scenario.


With Spencer Strider out for the Braves, who’s filling in?


If Max Fried’s year wasn’t already extraordinary, it certainly isn’t now. Despite being one of the most productive number two starters in the league, Fried was recently moved back into the Atlanta rotation’s holding position.






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