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Reform UK’mortified’ after dismissing election candidate who turned out to be dead.

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Tom Sanders
Published April 11, 2024, 6:57pm.
Updated: April 11, 2024, 6:58pm
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Thomas Krych/ZUMA Press Wire/Shutterstock (14423943) Party leader RICHARD TICE highlights Reform UK’s measures to address working-class concerns, as well as the party’s aims for the upcoming general election. Reform UK organizes a news conference in central London to discuss concerns about Labour’s approach to policies impacting the working class. The party makes significant policy statements ahead of the 2018 General Election, defining its vision and priorities for the country. Reform UK Party Press Conference, London, England, United Kingdom – April 8, 2024.
Approximately 12 Reform candidates were dismissed due of improper

Prior to his dismissal, the party stated, “We need candidates who are active to give people the candidates they deserve.”

We cannot afford to have people do nothing during an election year,’ they warned.

The party dropped candidate Tommy Cawkwell, who was later discovered to have died.
Following Mr Cawkwell’s death, the spokesman stated: “After a local paper suggested that we had rescinded Mr Cawkwell’s candidacy for inappropriate social media messages, I suggested that he was one of those candidates who had been removed for inactivity.”


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