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A pair has declared themselves ‘thrilled’ to be taking over a beloved Coventry tavern for five years. The Binley Miners Arms will be closed for the next few days and reopen on Friday, April 5.

After four months in charge of the city’s boozer, Stephen Evans, 33, and Vicky Blake, 36, will now remain there until 2029. ‘Nothing but supportive’ customers, many of whom claim they

“We came in here originally in November 2023 as managers with a company called Clo Pubs Limited,” Stephen stated in an interview with CoventryLive. As a family, we determined that the salary they were giving us would not be sufficient to sustain us over the long term.

We thus made Stonegate an offer to take up the five-year lease starting this Friday, April 5. Stonegate Brewery has been a great assistance to us.

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