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A well-known political outsider claims that she turned down the chance to run on the independent presidential ticket of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. According to ABC News, Tulsi Gabbard, the former representative from Hawaii, “rejected an offer to be Kennedy Jr.’s running mate in 2022 and left the Democratic Party.” She added in a statement, “I have met Kennedy several times, and we have become good friends.” Would I be his running mate? he inquired. I respectfully rejected after giving it some thought,” the network reports.

“It Didn’t Work Out”:Gabbard declined to provide an explanation for her decision to decline the offer, which has not been made public. An inquiry regarding Gabbard’s remarks was not immediately answered by Kennedy or his campaign. Still, a close aide to Trump told ABC New

Liberty Nation Presents: An Advance Look
Michigan Is Pressed by the ACLU to Abolishing Parental Rights Body parts cannot be pierced without parental permission. Not for abortion, why not? – Read Currently!

Watch now to learn about failing states, fear of losing, and squatters in relation to the Fourth Amendment.

Is Ukraine Able to Beat Russia? – The Ukrainian military has been at war for more than two years, but for what reason? – Read Currently!

Is Cui bono the best choice among the vice presidential candidates in the 2024 election? – Read Currently!

Democrats Bemoan Court-Ordered Dates for Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballots – The GOP views the decision as a victory. – Read now!

Wisconsin Voters Outlaw Outside Funding for Elections
Zuckerbucks has suffered a severe hit at the hands of the Badger State. According to the Associated Press, Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional amendment on Tuesday that forbade the use of private funds to influence elections. Republicans had proposed the measure in response to grants they had gotten in 2020 that were made possible by donations from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. A second question that the Republican-controlled Legislature placed on the ballot to modify the state constitution to require that only election officials conduct elections was supported by the electorate as well. Although that is already state law, the wire service notes that having it in the constitution makes it more difficult to amend or remove.

GOP Celebrates: “The Wisconsin Republican Party applauded the amendments’ adoption.Wisconsin has made its voice known, and the message

Trump challenges Biden to a debate.
Will it occur?Before the general election in November, former president Donald Trump is urging President Joe Biden to engage in a debate with him. In conjunction with the state’s presidential primary votes on Tuesday, Trump threw down the challenge at a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, according to the Washington Examiner. We have an empty podium here, as you can see, correct? to the right of me. For Joe Biden, that is. In an attempt to encourage Joe to debate, Trump addressed the assembly. “Crooked Joe, please join me in debate at any time, anywhere. Joe, we can arrange it as you like so that we may have a cordial conversation about the numerous and genuine issues facing our nation.

Day of Christian Visibility: “Biden has not made a firm commitment to


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