Man City 0–0 Arsenal: The Gunners achieved the ideal outcome for the Premier League championship battle and made a statement by containing Pep Guardiola’s team.

wasn’t exactly the match to support a

Manchester City ticket price increase—not that anything would be. To be sure, the game didn’t justify the build-up. It should come as no surprise. These so-called showdowns in the Premier League actually have a fairly long history of being dull matches in which the intensity is

The true surprise, though, was just how awful this 0-0 draw between Arsenal and the champions was. Regardless of how one feels about expressiveness, there were moments during play when some of the world’s finest players looked incapable of kicking the ball correctly. The attackers for City were tripping over the side of the box. The defenders for Arsenal were feverishly trying to hack it clear. Even the exquisite Martin Odegaard performed

William Saliba was one player who excelled beyond the rest, and he was largely responsible for that. He was excellent; he always knew just where to be to force Haaland into places he didn’t want to be.

The Norwegian was silent except during their brief altercation following the game. Saliba benefited from an extremely well-trained defense, with Gabriel frequently playing a key role in going one-on-one with Haaland.KK

This indicates the factor that most likely had the greatest impact on how and why the game turned out the way it did. It was not just stress that was at play. It was time to prepare.

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