It doesn’t feel at all humorous.
The Brazilian and Tottenham player’s disclosures regarding his battles with depression highlight the necessity for everyone to take into account how the weak are handled in public

It was thought of Richarlison as only conversation starter material (Photo: ESPN)
Following Richarlison’s brave ESPN interview regarding his rapidly deteriorating mental health, one would ask how Callum Wilson and Michail Antonio are currently feeling. not only them. At some point in our lives, we have all been guilty of making fun of or criticizing someone else just to joke about or laugh.

In May of last year, Wilson and Antonio had a great time making fun of Richarlison on The Footballer’s Football Podcast on the BBC because of his 4-1 yellow card to goal ratio. It marked the conclusion of Antonio Conte’s dreadful debut season at Spurs, which saw the team score only one Premier League goal. That made Richarlison fair game.

Although Wilson and Antonio are not inherently poor actors, they

It’s good for you to open up like that and be talking to the person, so I can tell you now to look for a psychologist if you need one. A [psychologist] approached me today to express gratitude for bringing this to the football community and beyond the field because, like it or not, it saves lives.

The testimony of Richarlison is particularly noteworthy since it challenges the notion that high-achieving athletes are invulnerable due to their alpha force and are not susceptible to weakness. In actuality, the macho culture he came from had imprisoned him.

In the interview, he acknowledged his personal prejudice toward anyone who appeared weak or in need of assistance. He disregarded therapy as

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