Hey everyone, it’s us again. This time, it’s Opening Day (for real), and I’m happy to say that, personally, time and wisdom haven’t dulled my enthusiasm for the start of

baseball season. I experienced the same emotions as a child, I experienced the same emotions during my adolescent, and as I grew older, nothing has changed. Everyone is 0-0 and has a chance to win, but as we all know, the Atlanta Braves are going 162-0, so that’s it.All things considered, there are still many reasons to be enthusiastic about the Braves in 2024. Since many of you who read this are intelligent and specifically come to this page for intelligent analysis, I’ll attempt to provide you with some of that intelligent analysis in a brief burst: Good for braves. Very brave people. It’s fantastic that the Braves “may walk to 100 wins.” It’s reassuring to see the Braves “still favored over a team that spent $1 billion in the offseason.” braves to that extent.

I am aware that everyone’s memories of the last two Postseason eliminations are still raw. I know that because it’s still fresh in my memory; the Philadelphia Phillies felt like they truly punked last year, which made it more terrible.

To be honest, there are still a lot of reasons to be enthusiastic about the Braves in 2024. I am aware that many of you who are reading this are intelligent, and you come here

By Fafa T

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