While the Dallas Cowboys remain largely silent throughout the early free agency period, fans are understandably worried about the team’s direction as the NFL draft draws near. Given that the Cowboys have only signed Eric Kendricks as an outside free agent, it is evident that they intend to develop through the draftβ€”which isn’t a wholly awful strategy.

Pick 24 is the Cowboys’ initial selection on the first round; Dallas has typically had success with this pick. To restore faith in Cowboys Nation, here is a summary of every selection the Cowboys have made in franchise history.

Calvin Hill, 196 RB
Yale Hill scored 45 touchdowns throughout his six years as a player in Dallas. His

Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons
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Robert Jones, East Carolina, 1992 LB
The Cowboys were at the height of their success in the 1990s when the Pirates linebacker joined the squad. Jones, along with fellow linebackers like Vinson Smith and Ken Norton Jr., helped form one of the NFL’s most potent defenses at the time. In 1994, he had his best season and was named to the Pro Bowl as well as NFC Rookie of the Year. Jones became a free agent after four seasons, three Super Bowls, and 334 tackles because of the Cowboys’ linebacker philosophy at the time. He continued to play until 2001, when he made his Washington team debut.NEWEST VIDEO FROM SB COUNTRY
We should take a close look at the 49ers’ desperate need for another game-winning play.u

Dez Bryant, wide receiver (2010)
State of Oklahoma
At the pinnacle of his abilities, Dez Bryant was regarded as one of the most prominent names in the Dallas “88 Club” and a top-five wide receiver. The Cowboys were so infatuated with Bryant that they moved up with New England in the draft. Tony Romo and Bryant’s chemistry started an almost indefensible back shoulder fade in the 2010s, which helped Bryant become the team’s top receiver with 73 touchdown grabs and third overall in receptions.

Bryant never had the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl, but he nearly did so against Green Bay with the

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