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ATLANTA — Neemias Queta informed CLNS Media/CelticsBlog on Tuesday that the team and the Celtics had not discussed changing his two-way deal to a conventional one. He played in his 47th NBA game on Saturday against the Bulls after Boston activated him. He has three more games left in the regular season before he loses his postseason


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Queta, who is set to play two games at College Park this week while Boston is in Atlanta, joined the Maine Celtics for just his sixth appearance on the field this season. He led a 20-12 Maine team that was vying for a first-round bye with nine rebounds, three assists, three blocks, and eighteen points on nine of his eleven shots. This was a crucial victory. Brad Stevens, Jeff Van Gundy, Jrue Holiday, Sam Hauser, and other Boston coaches and teammates were there during Tuesday’s 127-112 victory.

Maine’s next game is scheduled on Thursday at College Park against Boston, and they will conclude their season in Texas on Saturday. That evening, the Celtics head to New Orleans, and on Monday, they conclude their road trip in Charlotte.

The stretch marks

Queta stated, “I’m just doing my job.” “It’s okay if they decide to give me the deal in the end. I can accept it if they choose not to offer it to me. I’m carrying out my yearly responsibilities, and that’s where we are at.

Queta only made six trips to the Maine Celtics this season

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