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You’ve got just 48 hours to secure a very cool Boston Celtics collectible. The latest from FOCO features a Jayson Tatum bobblehead holding a Jayson Tatum bobblehead.

Introduced earlier this year, FOCO’s line of Dubblz bobbleheads are dual bobbleheads that feature a star athlete holding a miniature bobble version. They’re incredibly fun, but they’re also hard to come by

That’s because they’re only accessible for a couple of days – and they’re built to order.

You have until 11AM EST on Thursday, March 28 to order yours. You will not be able to continue after that date.

Take a look at them down below.

According to FOCO: Observing two? We have “two!” Prepare to double the fun in your fan cave when you use this officially licensed Boston Celtics Bobble Dubblz Bobblehead of Jayson Tatum.

Displays Posing in his white game day outfit, Tatum is prepared to make a grand entrance.
Tatum clutching a tiny bobblehead replica of himself because, let’s face it, a bobble holding a bobble is way more awesome than just any old bobble.
base with team colors that will look fantastic in your collection
If there were any questions about your allegiances, there is a team wordmark display atop the base.
Team name show in front of base to support your preferred squad; team logo display for an added boost of team spirit
front name display for public awareness

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