Celtic has provided its perspective on the issue in response to the critical statement made by the Green Brigade and Bhoys Celtic on the non-facilitation of The Celtic End for Celtic FC Women’s future fixtures.
The Jock Stein stand was not made available for this effort due to safety concerns, which the club’s administration cited as their main justification, although noting the dissatisfaction expressed by these fan organizations.
The team did, however, declare that they would be open to opening the standings for the game.
The video player on YouTube The group was informed that the Jock Stein would not be available owing to certain safety concerns connected to this particular section, but the Club has made arrangements to allow the delegation to attend within the Rail Seating Section, according to a Celtic representative.
The Club hopes that as many supporters and supporter groups as possible will attend Celtic FC Women’s games at Celtic Park and all other games. This has been relayed to the group.
After being refused entry to the Jock Stien stand to form The Celtic End, The Green Brigade and Bhoys Celtic announced that they would no longer be attending the game.
For the Ghirls, it is regrettable. A wonderful atmosphere was created at Celtic Park for the women’s matches last year thanks to the phenomenal success of The Celtic End.

By Fafa T

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