The Atlanta Hawks had a 30-point lead until the Boston Celtics let it slip. Their winning run of ten games was ended. They became totally distracted. In the first quarter and the second half, they scored 44 points apiece.

That is all accurate. And in two weeks, none of it will matter.

Boston’s clutch offensive,

which again turned into isolation basketball against Atlanta, is what will matter in two weeks.

Jaylen Brown dribbled the ball on thewing with 40 seconds remaining in the game, trailing by one point. He kept waiting and waiting, but the Celtics’ play never showed up. He consequently made a contested three-pointer as the shot clock was winding down. It went wide.

They found success with some simple screens, but as soon as their initial plan got shut down, they froze.

When the ball is zipping around, players are setting screens away from the play and keeping the defense on their toes, the Celtics have an advantage. When the offense gets bogged down, the defense gets locked in, and players have time to react to what’s in front of them, Boston often forces up a bad look out of necessity.However, the Celtics believed that their defense was more of a factor in their offensive struggles than their offense.

Tatum stated, “I believe they just had time to set their defense.” “They continued to score.” Compared to when the game started, we didn’t receive as many stops. Because they were scoring and we weren’t getting as many stops as we would have liked, those circumstances sometimes arise when playing against a set defense.

Boston genuinely seems happy with how well they executed their late-game offensive.

“I believe we performed fairly well,” stated Kristaps Porzingis. “JT did an excellent job obtaining some buckets for us, in my opinion. I believe there were a few instances where we could have acted more wisely on

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